Why You Should Shop Local

Supporting your local independents has never been more important than it is now. As the country gradually comes out of lockdown, our local independents are integral to the economic recovery of our local communities.

Unlike owners of large chains, owners of local independents are much more likely to live in the community and care more about how their business practices affect the local area.

Shopping at local independents rather than large chains is much better for the local economy as the money you spend will circulate within your community. £10 spent at a local independent can contribute £50 to the local economy. This is because local independents often utilise other local independents for their business and their workers will often spend their wages in the local community.

Shopping locally is also much better for the environment. By choosing to shop somewhere within walking distance, both air pollution and traffic are reduced. Produce purchased from local independents over large chains will have reduced food miles and therefore reduce greenhouse gases.

You can do your bit to support the local economy and bag yourself a discount using our Wirral Spend Independent cards and reusable Wirral Coffee Club cups. Check out the Independents tab to see what discounts are currently available.

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