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What is Wirral Coffee Club? ☕️

If you're a coffee lover, enjoy finding new Independent coffee shops and are also passionate about saving the environment, then this is great for you...

When we came out of lockdown and you were allowed to meet friends for a walk, absolutely everyone was meeting at coffee shops for a takeout coffee, a bit of cake and a walk to catch up. On the back of this we noticed bins overflowing with single use coffee cups and unfortunately a lot littered on the floor too. This is where 'Wirral Coffee Club' was born!

If you're anything like me, you'll have a stack of various reusable cups tucked away in the back of a cupboard somewhere gathering dust. This is why a bit of encouragement to use a reusable cup was needed and therefore... discounts on coffee!

This is great for you as you'll be saving money each time you take your cup with you but you're also helping reduce waste in your local area. That's not all though, as you'll be supporting great local independents along the way.

We've also got you covered on the iced lattes with this very cool looking cup. It's perfect for smoothies and fresh juices too!

You can pick up a Wirral Coffee Club reusable cup here for just £10.

Please help us spread the word and encourage your friends to switch to a Wirral Coffee Club reusable cup! ♻️

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