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Meet Our Independents: Snips Movies

Located on Cross Lane in Bebington, Snips Movies is one of only two remaining specialist movie rental stores in the UK. With over 13,000 films dating from 2021 to 1915, Snips is sure to have a film for everyone.

The Wain family originally opened Snips in the mid 70s but they didn’t add the Movies till 1995 when their local video store closed, and they decided to buy all their stock; an opportunity they just couldn’t refuse. What started with 200 video tapes became the second largest rentable library of films in the UK.

By providing customers with a huge selection of films that touch upon every facet of industry history, Snips outlasted Blockbuster and continue to challenge streaming services like Prime and Disney+. In fact, Snips Movies have five times as many films as Netflix. So, next time you’re endlessly scrolling for something good to watch, head down to Snips instead!

The name Snips stems from the dictionary definition of ‘Snip’, which is bargain. You can rent the latest kids films from Snips for just £1, whilst renting the same film from Sky Store or Prime Video will set you back fives times that. Plus, with your Wirral Spend Independent card you can rent any kids film for free for every grown-up film you hire!

Snips also one ups todays streaming services as a real human who has actually watched the film can give you a recommendation, not a computer algorithm. Dave is a film historian who has contributed audio commentaries to over 20 Blu-ray releases, so you can definitely trust his judgement.

You can find Snips Movies on Instagram @snipsmovies.

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