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Meet Our Independents: Garden Social

Meet Holly and Ewan, owners of Garden Social, one of our amazing independents. Located in the Garden Quarter and a stone’s throw away from the Shropshire Union Canal, Garden Social is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee and some cake whilst out and about around Chester.

Holly and Ewan met at university and had been thinking of opening their own coffee shop for a while, due to spending so much of their time visiting other coffee shops and admiring their work. They opened the doors to Garden Social during Lockdown 3, much to the delight of local residents looking for somewhere to visit on their daily walks.

Holly’s favourite coffee is a long black and Ewan often opts for a hand brewed. At the moment they are serving a brilliant brew from El Salvador which tastes like strawberry jam; if you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely pop down to give it a try!

The ‘Garden’ part of the name comes from their location in the Garden Quarter and the ‘Social’ part from everything Holly and Ewan want their coffee shop to be. Once restrictions are lifted Garden Social will be buzzing with life from workshops, groups and general socialising over coffee and cake.

Holly and Ewan have created the perfect place just outside the city centre to relax with a coffee, catch up with friends or grab some fuel for a lovely walk down the canal. So next time you’re in Chester, take your Wirral Spend Independent card or Wirral Coffee Club reusable cup for 20p off your order!

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