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Local Business Spotlight: Blooming Skull Coffee

Blooming Skull Coffee, located on Bebington Road in New Ferry, is much more than your average coffee shop. Opened in July 2016 by Soph and Lou, their charming little coffee shop doubles as a mini jungle. Soph and Lou have curated the perfect place to pick up your favourite coffee and a new addition to your plant family.

Before opening Blooming Skull Coffee, Soph and Lou were avid visitors of speciality coffee shops and were quickly inspired to open their very own space. They noticed they were often having to travel to Liverpool in search of a decent coffee, so they jumped at the chance to bring speciality coffee across the water.

After reading ‘Purple Cow’ by Seth Godin, Soph and Lou chose the name Blooming Skull Coffee, as they wanted a memorable name for their coffee shop. They’re both fans of nature and skull imagery, which they combined to make their instantly recognisable logo.

Soph and Lou are both incredibly passionate about providing their customers with the perfect cup of coffee. They’re constantly learning and investing in new products to ensure you get the best cup for your buck! Both girls recommend their flat white, with your own choice of milk, as the strength of the espresso and the creaminess of the milk comes together perfectly.

Blooming Skull Coffee combines Soph and Lou’s love for coffee and nature. Lou’s favourite plant is the Philodendron Pink Princess and Soph loves anything in the Calathea family. They’re constantly adding to their plant collection for you to choose from, which you can keep up to date with on their Instagram and website.

Unfortunately, you can’t get any discount at Blooming Skull Coffee with your Wirral Spend Independent Card or reusable Wirral Coffee Club cup, but you can get a cracking cup of coffee whilst supporting an amazing independent business!

You can find Blooming Skull Coffee on Instagram @bloomingskullcoffee.

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